Event Name: - Sub Junior Boys District Boxing Championship 2013 - 2014.
Event Venue: - Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium Allahabad.
Event Date: - 15th to 16th October, 2013
Description: Allahabad, Pratapgarh, Kaushambi & Fatehpur Districts participated. The Following Students of Khelgaon Public School participated and won the Medals in Championship:
S.No. Student Name Class & Section Medal
1. Divyansh Tiwari V B Gold
2. Ravi Tiwari VI B Gold
3. Abhishek Singh VI B Gold
4. Mohit Kumar Maurya IV A Silver
5. Alok Chaudhary IV C Silver
6. Manas Mishra VII B Silver
7. Abhijeet Singh VII B Silver
8. Naman Sharma VII B Silver
9. Kartik Mahajan VIII A Silver
10. Shwetanshu Dev Pandey VIII A Silver
11. Suraj Prajapati XI Silver
12. Ayush Srivastava XI Silver
Event Name: - 29th U.P. State Sub Junior Boys Boxing Championship 2013 - 2014.
Event Venue: - - Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium Allahabad.
Event Date: - 24th to 27th October, 2013
Description: Student of Khelgaon Public School, Abhijeet Singh class VII B, won silver Medal in Category 40 – 42 Kg. weight.
Event Name: - All India International rating Chess Tournament
Event Venue: - Vashistha Vatsalya Public School, Allahabad
Event Date: - 24th to 28th October, 2013
Description: All India International rating Chess Tournament organized by Allahabad District Chess Sports Association our native countries have been participated Farhat Ali student of class XI of Khelgaon Public School secured 151th rank among 1500 students.
Event Name: - Abacus n Brain Talent Hunt Competition.
Event Venue: - Axis Career Coaching Institute.
Event Date: - 21st April, 2013
Description: Abacus n Brain Talent Hunt Competition organized by Axis Career Coaching Institute in Allahabad more than 500 students of different schools participated in the Competition, Tushar Jadli of Khelgaon Public School student of class VIII A and Anant Kishore of class VI A secured First and Second rank respectively.


Allahabad, 22nd December. Khelgaon Public School boxers outshone the other boxers in the Pratiksha Pal Smarak District Boxing Championship which was organised in Vishnu Bhagwan Public School recently. The young boxing talents of KPS (Khelgaon Public School) won the hearts of the spectators with their skill, confidence and aggression in the ring.

Out of the 27 participants from KPS 18 of them managed to bag out medals from the competition. In the mind category of the weight group 18 – 202 kg, 22 – 24 kg, and 28 – 30 kg, the gold medals were bagged by Mohd. Ali Khan, Piyush Tiwari and Alok Chaudhary, whereas the fourth gold medal for KPS came from the Sub Junior category of the weight category 36 – 38 kg, Abhijeet Singh who won the fourth gold medal was the dashing of the crowd due to his approach towards the fight and his respect for his opponents. The students also bagged four Silver medals in the 18 – 202 kg, 22 – 24 kg, 26 – 28 kg. and 36- 38 kg. The respective Silver medallists were – Om Varshney, Aabhash Shukla, Ravi Tiwari and Anupam Kushwaha and Alok Chaudhary and Divyansh Tiwari in the 26 – 28 kg, Kushagra Singh and Utkarsh Mishra in the 28 – 30 kg., Manas Mishra in the 36 – 38 kg. Rajat Kesharwani, Swetanshu Dev Pandey in the 40 – 42 kg. Kartik Mahajan in the 44 – 46 kg. and Suraj Prajapati and Tushar Jadli in the 52 – 54 kg. category won the Bronze medals.

Khelgaon students bag 18 medals in Inter School District Boxing Tournament.

The participants of the District Boxing Championship were given a warm welcome in the school for their victory and heart winning performances. The Chairman of Khelgaon Public School congratulated the winners and encouraged them for better performances in the future. He also said that the disciplined and scientific training being imparted at KPS has started yielding results and would move fruitful in the future.

The Principal of KPS, Dr. R. C. Srivastava, lauded the efforts of the children and the coach Mr. Dherendra Singh for the wonderful results and said that it was only the beginning and the boxers had long way to go in the future. He wished the students and advised them to be sincere with their work and their targets so that Olympics medals would not be far away for them.

On this occasion all the students of KPS, teachers and coaches congratulated the winners and wished them all the best for the future competitions.


Allahabad, 19 December. Since its inception it has been the continuous and comprehensive effort of Khelgaon to provide education not only to impart subjective knowledge but to develop all round qualities of the children, so as to do justice to the talents of the children with this intention Khelgaon Public School includes and gives due importance to sports. In the previous years too, the students of Khelgaon. International Gymnastics Hall have proved their mettle and established records in National and International competitions in the same series, the Khelgaon students bagged the limelight in the 58th National School Games being organized in Pune from 9 – 14 December. 27 students of Khelgaon participated in the competition and bagged 3 Golds, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

Khelgaon students bag 11 medals in 58th National School Games, Pune.

The Chairman of Khelgaon Public School, Dr. U. K. Mishra, in the felicitation ceremony of the contingent said that the gymnasts of Khelgaon have not only done the school proud but also, the District of Allahabad and the state of U.P. It is the result of continuous striving and scientific approach of regular practice that the students of Khelgaon have kept the flag flying high. The Principal of Khelgaon Public School, Dr. R. C. Srivastava also heaped praises on the young gymnast and said that it is a bench mark for the other students to emulate their feat which is only possible with self determination and efforts with an aim. Dr. R. C. Srivastava also said that Khelgaon Public School, in the coming years is determined to prove itself in various other games like, Hockey, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Boxing etc. like the success in Gymnastics and he also congratulated and blessed the Gymnasts for further success in their life.

Khelgaon Public School is determinant in providing platform to the students to develop and showcase their talents. The Institution is also omnipresent in all ways to help the students to develop their talent with the motto of providing “World Class Education and Sports” by providing hundred percent freeship to the talented sportsmen. The school also provides free Educational facilities to the students.

The National School Games at Pune had participants from all the states and Educational boards of the Country. Altogether 27 students from Khelgaon participated in the 58th National School Games in which the performances of Siddharth Verma and Ritesh Kumar was notable. Siddharth Verma claimed gold in the pommell and silver on the floor and high bar. Ritesh Kumar bagged bronze in the parallel bar. The cynosure of all eyes in the games was Siddharth Nigam, a talented student of Khelgaon Public School, who bagged gold in parallel bar and silver in high bar. It is notable that Siddharth Nigam in this tender age has been endorsing for Bournvita ad campaign whose shooting was done in Bangkok. Seeing the talent of Siddharth Nigam, esteemed producer Late Yash Chopra signed him for his forthcoming multi starrer movie “Dhoom 3”. Siddharth has already gone to Mumbai and Chicago, America for the shooting of the movie which has enriched his knowledge. In the end the coaches Mr. Hemant Yadav and Mr. Rahul Chopra too were felicitate & congratulated.

Students of Khelgaon Public School selected to represent C.B.S.E. Schools team for National School Games.

Khelgaon, Allahabad. Eleven students of Khelgaon Public School are selected to represent the team of C.B.S.E. schools for the National School Games to be organised in Pune later in the month of December, 2012.

A selection trial for the Gymnastic Team was organised in Agra for the School Games 2012. Gymnasts from all over India from different C.B.S.E. based schools appeared for the selection trial to represent C.B.S.E. New Delhi for the School National Games. Out of hundreds of top gymnasts of the country, the C.B.S.E. team is finalised with the students of Khelgaon Public School.

All the eleven gymnasts of Khelgaon Public School selected to represent C.B.S.E. schools in the National School Games to be organised in Pune.

The students were accorded a warm welcome in Khelgaon Public School for their initial success. The chairman of Khelgaon Public School, Dr. U. K. Mishra, congratulated the boys for their selection and wished them all the best for their success in the School National Championship which is to be organised in Pune in December. He also said that the selection of the students was the result of unstinted, rigorous and continous practice as well as the scientific approach of the coaching and extreme hard work which would also lead to the success in various other National and International competitions in the future.

The Principal of Khelgaon Public School, Dr. R. C. Srivastava, also heralded the success of the students of National level and attributed their success of the students to the disciplined and planned preparation and practices of the students. He also blessed the students to achieve success in the forthcoming National School Games in Pune scheduled in December, 2012.

The Vice President of Khelgaon Public School Educational Society, Mr. Anil Mishra in his address congratulated the selected students and applauded the commendable performances of the children. He also said that these students would be the pride of Khelgaon public School, State and also the country in the near future.

The team to represent C.B.S.E. schools, New Delhi comprises Mohd. Rafey, Mohd. Isa, Siddharth Nigam, Mohd. Anas, Shobit Kumar, Siddhat Joshi, Harish Khan, Kewal Verma, Sahil Bhardwaj, Tushar Pandey and Satyam Shiv. These selected students owed their success to their family members, coaches and the management of Khelgaon Public School for the progressive support lended to them in creating an atmosphere for their rigorous & stern practice which will lead their life to glory. They also thanked all the people of Allahabad for their blessings for their success and pledged to return with greater honours in the school games championship.

On this occasion, all the students, teachers and coaches of different games of Khelgaon Public School congratulated the students. The gymnastics coach Rahul Chopra and Hemant Yadav also were present at the welcome of the students.