Examination Rules

  1. No re-examination will be taken for any subject.
  2. Only one medical leave is allowed in one session.
  3. No borrowing or lending of stationary items will be allowed during examinations.
  4. No calculator or digital devices will be allowed during examinations.
  5. Attendance is compulsory during examinations.
  6. There will be two semesters for co-scholastic subjects. Also there will be Monthly Test in the remaining months.
  7. There will be two Formative (FA - I & FA – II) and two Summative (SA – I & SA – II) Examinations.
  8. Total passing percentage is 40%.
  9. Distinction will be awarded to students who secure more than 90% in all subjects.
  10. If any child is caught using unfair means during an examination, he / she will be marked absent for the same.