1. All pupils are encouraged to make good use of the School library and the Reading Room.
  2. A library card is given to every pupil against which the books are issued.
  3. Library books, magazines, newspapers, etc. underlined, marked, damaged or taken out of the library without the permission of the Librarian will lead to punishment through fine.
  4. Complete silence should be maintained inside and around the library.
  5. All books and cards should be returned as per the instructions of the Librarian before the end of the academic year.
  6. Books should be returned on the date stamped for, otherwise, Re. 1/- will be charged as fine for each day of delay. After 10 days the pupil will be debarred from the Library. In case a library book is lost, the pupil must pay the current price of the book along with an extra fine of 50% of its price.
  7. Reference books and magazines will not be issued. They should be consulted in the library itself.
  8. Any pupil, who does not abide by the library rules, is subject to permanent loss of his / her library privileges.
  9. A pupil is permitted to take only one book per week.
  10. No talking is permitted in the library except on business with the Librarian. This also should be done in a low voice.
  11. Books are issued on the understanding that they are only to be read by persons to whom they are issued and are not given to others whether of school or to outsiders.