Our Objectives

  1. Making learning creative, interesting and joyful with a wide spectrum of activities including dance, drama, music, debate, elocution, quiz, excursion, etc.
  2. Building good physique through adequate muscular co-ordination leading to improved basic motor skills.
  3. Ensuring total fitness, both mental and physical, to every child for a balanced personality.
  4. Developing in the students a strong moral character and a zest for healthy living.
  5. Encouraging students for participation in group activities.
  6. Inculcating creativity by providing opportunities for self-expression.
  7. Providing proper guidance and opportunity to children to hone their skills in diverse fields of their natural talent.
  8. Developing a positive attitude and creating an atmosphere of understanding, self-discipline and quest for knowledge.
  9. Implanting lifetime habits of early rising, sensible eating, respecting elders, sharing and caring.
  10. Giving a creative direction to the child to enable him to take up future challenges of life effectively.