About Khelgaon Public School

Khelgaon Public School is one of the most prestigious schools of Allahabad. It excels in both sports and academics. It has a wonderful clean and green campus with a vast number of sports fields where children can play and watch various matches. It has a huge gymnasium of international standards where various talented gymnasts come and practice plus gain free training in gymnastics.

The credit for this goes to our Hon’ble Chairman and President Awardee , Dr. U. K. Mishra who has made all this possible with his dedicated efforts and sincere determination. This school has been his vision where he wanted to bring together the best opportunities for all the school level students. He is a highly respected Indian citizen and also the President of the National Sports Academy of Allahabad. He has been a great gymnast himself and holds a Ph.D. degree in biochemical engineering. When someone as accomplished as him decides to create something positive then Khelgaon Public School is what happens !

This school is wonderfully well equipped with all the latest facilities for education and sports alongwith co-curricular activities. We have smart classes too which we plan to increase in number in the near future. It is an ideal school where there is both work and play time so that “Jack doesn’t become a dull or boy on that Jill doesn’t turn out to be a dull girl.” We want our students to be fit mentally and physically.

Today’s world needs more schools like KPS where children can come, play, learn, explore, receive grooming and guidance and turn out be successful people later in their lives with perfectly well groomed personalities. We here at KPS under the valuable guidance of Dr. U. K. Mishra (Chairman) and Dr. R. C. Srivastava (Director) hope to elevate KPS to the level of the best schools in the world.

KPS is located in the heart of Khelgaon, a little distance from the famous IIIT campus. It has a huge campus stretching above 30 acres and is full of lawns, gardens and sports fields. We have a cricket field too which conforms to international standards. Our students achieve hundreds of medals every year in every category and genre of sports. Our academic achievements are also great since there are students achieving up to 99% in various subjects (CBSE).

It’s (the school) nestled in sylvan surrounding and our present students are strong, fearless, confident, intellectually and emotionally enriched and responsible individuals. They all have a habit of rising early, eating sensibly, respecting elders, sharing, caring and growing together.

Our motto is about always maintaining excellence in every field that we touch or indulge in. We believe in “Excellence Always.”

Our chairman sir has introduced the precious “6 Golden Rules” that are specific to our school and have been introduced to all our children. Every child in Khelgaon Public School, right from Pre-Nursery to Senior Secondary, knows about these six mandatory rules and follows them diligently.

These rules have made them much healthier and happier and have inculcated a lot more discipline and values in their beings. We continue to bring laurels to our country and to the city of Allahabad specifically speaking, every year through our talented, hardworking and obedient students.

The K.P.S. family would love to widen its horizons by increasing its numerical strength as we can accommodate many more bright children from varied backgrounds  in our huge campus (as we are already high in the department of quality).. Hereby we invite more and more talented and capable students from all parts of the country to join our school and add to the qualitative strength of K.P.S. by proving their mettle here. Our students are an intrinsic part of our K.P.S. family and cultureand will always remain so.