Birthday Celebrations With Cakes On A Daily Basis

It is just not important to teach children. It is also important to keep them happy because happy children work better.

Hence it’s a wonderfully great idea to celebrate every one’s birthday in school not just in the class room but also in the assembly. The birthday kids are made to sit on the stage whenever they have their birthdays. Their names and classes are announced during the assembly. This doesn’t end here. The whole school sings the birthday song for them and they are invited to cut a cake which is then packed and sent to them in their classrooms. They are also allowed to speak a few words after the ceremony in front of the whole school. They are also photographed with their entire class and all their teachers along with our Hon'ble Chairman sir, Dr. U.K. Mishra and our Director sir, Dr. R.C. Srivastava. The photograph is then handed over to them the same day.

It’s a wonderfully unique idea and this celebration takes place every day in our school so that the children feed cared for and loved by us.

Respect to those who thought of this idea!