Dr. U.K. Mishra is the life behind Khelgaon Public School. It was his vision to open a worthy school for children where they pursued their studies and sports both in a serious manner. He gave them all the possible opportunities that a capable school going child desires for.

He is a most accomplished person who holds a doctorate degree in biochemical engineering and is also a national level champion in the field of gymnastics. Moreover he is a stalwart in his own right, having both experience and professionalism which is required to run a full fledged sports academy as well as the mighty institution that K.P.S. today is.

He attends to everything that requires attention. The management works under his worthy guidance. Without him our K.P.S. would be like a ten year old baby looking for the right direction to reach home. We all would be lost without him. He is generous and wise and has always been willing to spend all his emotional and financial resources to help the school get ahead and rise up to the firmament. Surely, one day K.P.S. will rise to be the best school in the country and will be proudly marching among the best possible schools of all times.

Dr. U.K. Mishra, Chairman of K.P.S. possesses the qualities of inspiration and perspiration and adds them to all that he does or takes up. He is a senior gentleman whom everyone admires and loves.

Being felicitated by the former President of India, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee in the year 2013 for his achievements is just one more feather in his cap. All in all he is the very soul of Khelgaon Public School.