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The fee will be charged quarterly between 1st to 10th of April, July, October & January respectively. Late fee will be charged if fee is not paid by the 10th of the due month.

  1. Fee will be deposited in the Punjab National Bank at any branch of India during working hours of working days till 10th of the due month. (ie. April, July, October, January).
  2. Fee will be deposited at the bank by CHEQUE or TRANSFER  with the fee deposit slip duly filled in. The date of clearance of cheque will be accepted as the date of fee deposit for all purposes. In case of a cheque bounce, the sole responsibility will be that of the parents / guardians.
  3. Fee will be collected quarterly according to the given fee structure.
  4. Fee for the whole academic session can also be deposited in advance.
  5. Fee in CASH will be accepted at the school counter only after 10th of the due month only with late fee and other applicable dues as described in the fee receipt book and / or pupil’s diary.
  6. Re-admission of defaulters will be at the sole discretion of the Principal and re-admission fee will be charged equal to ONE MONTH’S fee in addition to other dues as applicable.
  7. Please fill up all the information in the fee receipt slip. On the back of the slip please fill up the cheque number, date, your Bank’s name and branch, etc. carefully and fill the Name, Class and Admission number of the pupil (s) and your contact number also on the back of the cheque.
  8. Please use MICR cheques only.  If the fee is deposited by non-MICR cheques, it may result in non-deposit of fee which will cause inconvenience to parents and lead to imposition of fine.
  9. In case the pupil is withdrawn in the mid-session, monthly dues will have to be paid upto Sept. / March, as the case may be except on the ground of parent’s transfer, provided that a photocopy of the transfer order is submitted with the application for TC.
  10. If a pupil attends school even for a single day in the new session / term and then leaves the school, he / she shall have to pay fee for the whole term, except in the case of transfer of his / her parent (s).
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