Focus on Health

Quality Health and Physical Education programs have proven to be life changing for today‟s youth. Such programs offer students, an opportunity to develop their body and mind, to gain skill that will propel them to succeed in both, the physical and academic aspects of education and life. Moreover, sports provide various opportunities for setting a career in the field of sports and physical activities.

The study and implementation of Physical Education and Sports Psychology, contribute on a large scale, towards the physical and mental development of the individual. As children enter adolescence, physical activities help enhance the development of a positive attitude as well as the ability to pursue intellectual, social and emotional challenges that come into their path. Throughout the school years, quality Physical Education can promote social, cooperative and problem solving competencies. Quality Physical Education programmes in the school are essential in developing motor skill, physical fitness and understanding of concepts that foster eminent and healthy life style. Physical Education strengthens the learners to cope up with different types of pressures, physical and mental stress, whether at school or anywhere else. Excellence in some form of sports or physical activities provide learners with confidence and grooms their personalities to the next level.