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KPS Admission

KPS Career

Khelgaon Public School

The Foundation of this wonderful school was laid on ______________ by ______________ in the presence of our honorable chairman sir, Dr. U. K. Mishra, Mrs. Vijaya Mishra who is our loving and caring ‘Naniji’ , Mr. Anil Kumar Mishra alongwith _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

It was a fresh ___________day morning/evening and all had assembled at the _______________ to participate in laying the foundation stone of K.P.S.

K.P.S. was inaugurated on __________________ by ____________________ and our school became officially functional from ____________________ onwards.

The credit of it all goes Dr. U. K. Mishra and his family for making K.P.S. a reality .This school had ________________ enrollments when it began and the number has risen to _________________ today all because of the dedication of the highest authority and the entire staff bandwagon .Everyone has contributed to making this school a world class educational institution.

We aim to grow further and turn K.P.S. into a phenomenon which every bright & promising student can make use of . Every student who joins our school stays on with us because of the facilities and opportunities that our Khelgaon Public School offers.

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