The Parents of our innumerable children are of utmost importance to our school. Chairman sir gives them a lot of importance and makes sure that everybody attends to their queries and problems plus solves them promptly. We can go on record to say that nobody from the K.P.S. family has ever ignored the parents at any level whatsoever. The parents of our students come from varied backgrounds and cultures but are treated as equals and are given their due respect whenever they require any kind of assistance from the school regarding their respective wards. We welcome the parents with open arms to discuss matters freely with us at any given point of time as per their convenience.

Every parent congratulates the school for our ready and active involvement with the children who spend half their day at K.P.S. daily, learning, absorbing and creating their promising futures. We invite many parents to join the birthday celebrations of their wards in school with us. They sit through the celebrations with us and clap for their children with the entire school. They always go back feeling happy after seeing their children get their due attention and love especially on their birthdays. We encourage the parents to interact with us whenever the need arises. They go back satisfied after realizing that their children are in safe hands and are well cared for at K.P.S. even when they are away from their personal vigilance while attending school everyday.


We Would Describe Our Children As Follows-









Our students have all the above qualities for sure. They are a bundle of joy for us as their innocence lights up our days and keeps us happy and relaxed. Our school children laugh, cheer, study, play and win most of the time. They are a happy and enthusiastic lot. The credit for this also goes to our routine which gives them enough time to jump around and play so that they can utilize their energies properly on a daily basis. Our students are disciplined and thus enjoy life to the fullest even at their tender, impressionable but well guided age groups.

We encourage all our students to study during the study periods and play during their sports periods. They are also given a music and dance period daily so they can get out their artistic instincts and show their talents to the world. Every boy and girl in K.P.S. has some unique talent, ability or interest. Our job is to ensure that they get a lot of chances to improve and do their best at whatever they take up. We give them a lot of opportunities to help them shine in the eyes of the world and they make great use of these great opportunities.

They love to interact with their teachers and talk to them while informing them about things whenever they feel the need to talk to someone about their feelings on issues that touch their heart. This is how we know about the qualities and talents of our students in a detailed way. We can assure everyone that our children will stand out among others when they pass out because of their well ordained physical and mental activity in Khelgaon Public School.

CHAIRMAN SIR SAYS , “Our children shine like true diamonds because of their great potential and because of the fact that we as jewelers do our duties well by polishing them frequently and cutting them out for success.”