Primary Section

The middle school section of KhelGaon Public School represents the most active and enthusiastic students. It constitutes of classes VI, VII & VIII with various subjects. These students are involved in studying English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Science, Social Science, Computer, General Knowledge, Moral Science and Mathematics. Apart from the regular studies, the students of this section are active participants of various Inter House and Inter School Competitions. The students are well disciplined and are guided by the dignified teachers of the school. In order to give quality education in the best possible manner. KhelGaon Public School decorates its academic calendar with various co- curricular activities covering all the aspects of personality building. These activities are organized from time to time to develop the self confidence of the children, empathy, constructive skills, aesthetic awareness communication skills skill and sportsmanship. The students of middle school section are involved in various sports like Volleyball, Football, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Skating, Hockey, Boxing, Lawn Tennis, Kabaddi, Yoga, Table Tennis, Aerobics, Shooting, Cricket and Gymnastics.

Children with disabilities are given special care in an unnoticeable way so that they do not develop an inferiority complex. The psychological support enables students to perform to their maximum potential and get success in various fields of life such as studies, sports, leadership skills, oratory skills, dancing and singing etc. In this way, KhelGaon Public School prepares the students for getting better platform in future.