Special time devoted to sports (daily)

We excel in gymnastics and the 53rd Junior National Gymnastics Championship, 2013 was held right here in our gymnasium. All the well-accomplished and important personalities of our city and state and even those from other states had congratulated KPS for hosting this championship. The arrangements were perfect and it was backed by a lot of hard work from our side to render the program a resounding success.

The National Sports Academy was established in the year 2000 and has a sprawling 30 acres campus in KhelGaon. It is barely 8 km. away from the heart of Allahabad city. We have modern training equipments and experienced coaches who train children well and guide them efficiently with their expertise. This academy has emerged as the largest privately managed centre for gymnastics in India. It‟s the biggest and the best gymnastics training centre of the country with a hall spread over a 68m x 38m area. It has conducted many national and international championships. It is a non-commercial, non-profitable, privately managed social service organization for the development of gymnastics and sports in India with a specific aim of winning "Olympic Medals" and spreading health awareness among the youth of today.

Dr. U. K. Mishra, Chairman of this academy and that of KPS is known as - "The Father of Indian Gymnastics". He has been working selflessly since 53 years for the development of sports in our country. He has trained gymnasts (free of cost) for the past 24 years. He has helped and guided gymnasts of all ages and backgrounds irrespective of their caste, creed, financial status, religion etc. He has done marvellous job of creating a beautiful synergy between sports and education. He believes that the children of India should have an all-rounder‟s excellence and personality so that the whole world looks at India with appreciation and positivity. He is a gymnast himself a scientist, a former additional excise commissioner and the head of Khelgaon Public School. He is someone whom everyone looks upto and rightfully so.

We have a way here at KPS to make children conscious of their health also. We have created a special facility for sauna baths alongwith steam baths for the children.

Two specific periods of sports are devoted for games every day in their school curriculum. It is a wonderfully new and refreshing idea which encourages children to work hard and play harder.