The highest authorities of our school felt the need to help improve the children of Allahabad and those who have come to K.P.S., in the department of English communication and various other aspects concerned with presentation skills.

We all know that a lot of students get percentages in and around 90% nowadays but they desperately lack confidence while speaking in English in front of others who are confident about it. They get nervous and jittery about presenting themselves formally. Usually these kind of grooming classes are held for students passing out of important professional courses so that they can land jobs in MNCs which pay extremely well.

Dr. U. K. Mishra, Chairman of K.P.S.  has decided to help students at the school level so that they are better prepared to handle the interviews of prestigious colleges and that of important and creditable companies while looking for good jobs later on in life. Presentation and English communication skills are super important today for students who want to see themselves on the global platform.

A highly qualified expert has been hired to teach them all these things like correct diction, speech delivery , good manners and etiquettes , table manners, confidence, reading and writing skills , dressing sense, politeness using the “3 Golden Words” like ‘Sorry’, ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ as often as possible, respecting others especially elders, following rules , creating a mental curiosity about new things , being enthusiastic , positive thinking and approach etc .along with all the other aspects of blooming into educated and well groomed individuals who have great communication and world class presentation skills. We definitely believe in hiring the best talents in all the departments to inspire, educate and push our students forward so that they progress with every living hour.

The day will come when a K.P.S. student will be known not only all over Allahabad but also all over India for their personality and various achievements.