Sports Activities

Academics is super important to any school and we are no different. We encourage our students to sit and do self study for atleast two hours every day.  We want them to open their minds and become capable enough to be able to think for themselves. We also inculcate values of respecting all elders so that they realize that knowledge can be gained only by giving respect to people who know much more about everything and are a lot more experienced in life. We teach our students to cultivate the right attitude which is that of humility instead of arrogance.

Our students wish everyone who enters the campus. Our classes for “Spoken English cum Grooming” have also encouraged our students to behave well at all times. They have begun wishing and greeting people even outside the school campus eg. when people come to visit them or when they go out to meet friends and relatives. A lot of positive feedback has come in for our ‘Spoken English cum Grooming’ classes which are being run effectively on a daily basis. The results are there for all to see and admire.

Remedial Classes are held for weak students in the evening in the school campus to help them climb the academic ladder. Our teachers are dedicated and qualified and leave no stone unturned to help all the students at all times.

All the students are given personal attention as and when they need it. We have created a beautiful synergy between education, sports and extracurricular activities. Our students excel in everything that they take up. We aim to get all our students to achieve above 90% in all their exams, especially their public examinations pertaining to class X and class XII.

We assure that there is no bullying / ragging happening in our school. The school management is very strict and conscious about this aspect.